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IH3 & IH4 for Penis Enlargement.

IH3 & IH4 are very safe & harmless herbal products launched in market specially to enhance & trigger sexual sphere in human males. Our products are natural feeder to sexual organ PENIS & system involved therein. This products keeps on supplying & boosting glandular phenomena to overcome the looses resulted from modern hazards.

It soothes, calms entertain & stimulates body caged by overwork fatigue, mental stress. Our  badly busy & tired modern life gets almost no chance to tackle the deficiencies caused by unsystematic routines.

A person habitual for OVER SEX, MASTURBATION & UNNATURAL means to entertain sexual desire is very common in our society. All theses bring harmful effect on our body resulting in loss of general sexual stamina, loss of sexual desire, poor or dead erection, poor quality & less quantity of semen, lack of arousal, orgasm & sexual passion. All these reasons are directly responsible to minimize the testosterone level in our body.

The lover the testosterone level in body, The higher is our suffering.

The diseases existing in our body cant be cured by external means.Nature has shown our limit & when these lawful limits are crossed danger sets in. A man can never be healthy & stout without abiding natural laws.

Testosterone is considered to be the principal testicular hormone produced in man. It is a steroid produced by the interstitial sells of leydig of the testicles.This Harmon normally produced by the adrenal cortex of both humane males and female.

Function of Testosterone:

         It accelerates growth in tissues upon which it acts and stimulates blood flow. It stimulates & promotes the growth of recommended any sexual behavior and the occurrence of erection. It is essential for normal growth and development of the male accessory sexual organs. It is responsible for deeping of male voice of puberty, greater muscular development in men, Development of beard and public hair, and distribution of fate is adult men. It also affects much metabolic activity.

         Present day mania to increase penis size of human males and the claims and guarantees advertise by different companies have put the innocent in great depression. The length of nature are very simple, easy to follow, safe and self explanatory but the psychology developer have confused badly and extremely to common man . All the claims and attractive guarantees to change the natural laws are deceiving, pain full and destructive. The penis shrieked due to overindulge in sexual acts, Masturbation, trauma, fused unnatural reuse can be said to be repair able. These of excessive sugar, tobacco liquors, configured and neglected fevers, excessive use of vinegar’s , source things, fates tail consumption, fixed diets and mutual tension are also big causes to interfere the sexual harmony and general health comparative small penis size is a solid proof of hormonal unbalance in the bodywhich requires a moderate and safe supply of natural medicines. A disease cannot be cured permanently without erasing its caused…………Otherwise results will be nil or temporary. A medicine is needed where pathology is present. A normal male with a normal penis size takes a remedy to increase a natural size can never get a desired result because his body is already well balanced, healthy and is harmony. 

Natural Penis Enlargement Medicine India

       It is mainly not a penis size growth. Its ingredients are selected and balanced with caution. It is a body stimulant which strengthens vital organs generally and eco powering glandular system specially. Decreased organs in the body cannot & should not be fired directly by medicines without strengthening the vital organs. It is a natural law which believes that on disease cannot gat it seat in body without affecting of vital organs……..or………..vital organs are first affected than only a disease soft lets or find its place in the body. It is contains precious material hard to feed all body needs concentrates its action on sexual sphere. It is a ready to feed the entire necessary body requirement. In the sexual organs, it increase sense thickness growths testosterone, allows a batter flow blood in penis, there also passion a natural sexual desires, helps to overcome fatigue after sexual comes, controls premature ejaculation and produces pleasurable organs. It does not claim guarantee to make a man IRONY. It just gains a natural pleaser a satisfaction. It does not provide super natural result, It believes in just natural result. It some when result are beyond imaginations that simply means that body has to suffer beyond, imagination; we are hens to serve honestly hens we are talking honestly.

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IH3 along with IH4 treats the oversensitivity of gentle organs. When the person because sensitive in sexual sphere, even thinking of women, while reacting and at stool, Sense dribbles freely,……..erection is either very short or incomplete many times it happens that when sexual desired is thrilling and tremendous, penis is fully relaxed. IH3 is produced to handle those painful conditions.