Shilajit Capsules in India

Shilajit Capsules in India

Shilajit Is Found Predominately In Himalaya, Tibet Mountains, Altai And Caucasus Mountains. The Color Range Varies From A Yellowish Brown To Pitch-black, Depending On Composition. For Use In Ayurvedic Medicine The Black Variant Is Considered The Most Potent. Shilajit Has Been Described As ‘mineral Oil’, ‘stone Oil’ Or ‘rock Sweat’, As It Seeps From Cracks In Mountains Due Mostly To The Warmth Of The Sun. There Are Many Local Legends And Stories About Its Origin, Use And Properties, Often Wildly Exaggerated. It Should Not Be Confused With Ozokerite, Also A Humic Substance, Similar In Appearance, But Apparently Without Medicinal Qualities. In Fact, Neither Of The Substances, Ozokerite Nor Shilajit, Possesses Any Scientifically Proven Medicinal Qualities. Shilajit Capsules in India

Shilajit in History in India Shilajit Capsules in India

The Charaka Samhita (5000 Year Old Ayurvedic Text) Discusses Shilajit In A Chapter On Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana). It Has Been Proposed That The Modern Equivalent Of A Rasayana Is An Adaptogenic Substance. (Ghosal 1998). The Charaka Samhita States That There Is No Imbalance In The Universe, Which Is Not Effectively Helped By Shilajit When It Is Administered At The Appropriate Time, In Combination With Suitable Herbs And By Adopting The Prescribed Method. When Administered To A Healthy Person, With Similar Conditions It Produces Immense Energy.

Shilajit ki Jankari Hindi Me

Shilajit k bare me common Question jo ek Aam Insan Sochta hai

What is the Shilajit  ?      शीलजीत क्या है ?

Shilajit Is A Thick, Sticky Tar-like Substance With A Colour Ranging From White To Dark Brown . Is Found In Himalaya And Tibet Mountains, Caucasus Mountains And Mountains Of Gilgit Baltistan. Original Shilajit Avalibale Only In India.

What is the Benefits in Shilajit ?     इसके कई लाभ क्या हैं ?

Studies Report Shilajit’s Antioxidant Activity Protects Against Cellular Damage, And It’s This Cellular Damage That Speeds The Aging Process In Your Heart, Lungs, Liver, And Skin. The Fulvic Acid In Shilajit Delivers Antioxidants And Minerals Directly To Cells Where They’re Needed.

Major Benefits of Shilajit

Low Testosterone Level
Testosterone Is A Primary Male Sex Hormone, But Some Men Have A Lower Level Than Others. Signs Of Low Testosterone Include:
A Low Sex Drive
Hair Loss
Loss Of Muscle Mass
Increased Body Fat

In One Clinical Study Of Male Volunteers Between The Ages Of 45 And 55, Half Of The Participants Were Given A Placebo And Half Were Given A 250 Milligram (Mg) Dose Of Purified Shilajit Twice A Day. After 90 Consecutive Days, The Study Found That Participants Receiving Purified Shilajit Had A Significantly Higher Testosterone Level Compared To The Placebo Group.

What is the Side Effects of Shilajit ?    क्या शिल्जीत सुरक्षित है ?

Although This Herb Is Natural And Safe, You Shouldn’t Consume Raw Or Unprocessed Shilajit. Raw Shilajit May Contain Heavy Metal Ions, Free Radicals, Fungus, And Other Contaminations That Can Make You Sick. Whether You Purchase Online Or From A Natural Or Health Food Store, Make Sure Shilajit Is Purified And Ready For Use.

Because This Is Considered An Herbal Approach To Health, Shilajit Isn’t Monitored For Quality, Purity, Or Strength By The U.s. Food And Drug Administration. Carefully Research Your Options Of Where To Purchase It And Choose A Reputable Source.

Don’t Take Shilajit If You Have Sickle Cell Anemia, Hemochromatosis (Too Much Iron In Your Blood), Or Thalassemia. It’s Possible To Be Allergic To This Supplement. Stop Taking Shilajit If You Develop Rash, Increased Heart Rate, Or Dizziness.

Shilajit Use for Sexual Problem ?    शीलजीत यौन समस्या के लिए प्रयोग करें ?

Yes Its Very Good Herbal Medicine For Sexual Problems , Shilajit Very Famous In India For Sexual Problem Like Long Time Sex, Hard Penis Erection, Sexual Weakness Etc. Also Shilajit Use For Women S Sex Problems.

Where I Can Buy Original Shilajit ?  मैं मूल शिलजीत कहां खरीद सकता हूं ?

How To Test Original Shilajit ?   मूल शिलजीत का परीक्षण कैसे करें ?

How can eat Shilajit ?    शिलजीत कैसे खा सकते हैं ?

What is Shilajit powder ?   शिलजीत पाउडर क्या है ?

Aise Bahut Sare Question Hai Jo Shilajit K Bare Me Humare Mann Me Ate Hai .jiski Jankari K Liye Aap Humari Web Site Par Sab Details Dekh Sakte Hai Jnha Apko Natural Herbal Medicine Ki Jankari Easily Mill Sakti Hai .

Shilajit Capsules , Shilajit Powder, Shilajit Tablet &  Shilajit Pills in India Shilajit Capsules in India

Shilajit Is Nature’s Gift To Mankind. It Is An Excellent Natural Remedy For Weakness Due To Any Reason. It Is Nature’s Best Anti-aging Supplement Useful In A Preventing A Number Of Diseases. The Major Reason Of Efficacy Is Attributed To Its Richness In Humic Compounds, The Usefulness Can Be Felt Within 5-10 Days Of Regular Use Shilajit In Almost Any Disease. It Can Also Be Used As A Natural Rejuevator By Anyone Who Wants To Feel Anti-aging Benefits Of Shilajit. Most Company  Sell Shilajit Capsules and Shilajit Pills Like  Patanjali Shilajeet Capsules , Dabur Shilajit , Dabur Shilajit Gold , Inlife Shilajit Extract , Healthvit Shilajit , Morpheme Remedies Shilajit , Herbal Hills Shilajithills , Baidyanath Shilajitwadi Bati , Kapiva Shilajeet Capsules  , Deemark Shilajit Gold Pack , Balaji Gold Shilajit , Novel Nutrients Shilajit

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