How to Make Last Longer Sex in India

How to Make Last Longer Sex in India

How to Make Last Longer Sex in India

India Couple during Sex

                So maybe you’re not the “One Minute Man” Missy Elliot rapped about in 2001, but if you’re still looking for ways to have longer-lasting erections you’re not alone. Sex experts agree that it’s one of the most common things men are insecure about—but they’re not always using the right methods. “Of course all men have their own extending technique, from thinking about football or baseball or counting backwards in their heads.Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects almost every man at some point in his life.How to Make Last Longer Sex in India

If you want to last longer during sex and you’re not really suffering from a medical condition, then these tips will definitely help you last a lot longer. After all, you need to remember that the experience of sex is more in the head than in between your legs.

Tips to Last Longer During Sex  ( Long Time Sex Tips in Hindi )

You’ve read about how to hold on your hard on for longer using the everyday tips. But now we go straight into the act. So what can you do while having sex to avoid an early ejaculation? Find out here.How to Make Last Longer Sex in India

1. Over Excitement During Sex

Avoid aggressive or wild angry sex. When you lose control of your erection, that’s when you’d lose the erection completely. Try to indulge in calm, slow and romantic sex. By avoiding fast and aggressive sex, you’d be able to last longer because you won’t experience a sudden burst of sexual energy in an instant.

2. Take Control of Sex

When two people have sex, the one on top is usually in control of the movements. So try to spend more time on top. When you’re on top, you can slow down or stop moving completely when you feel like you’re on the verge of ejaculating. By holding back when you feel like ejaculating, you can last a lot longer because you’re in control of the sex.

3. Shift your Weight

When you’re on top of your girl and feel like you’re going to blow out, place your forearms on either side of her and shift your body weight onto your arms. Stop moving in and out and just wait for your little guy to feel relaxed again. You’ll be able to push ahead within a few seconds.

4. Be in Sync with your Partner

This is where your lover can help you. If she ever feels you throbbing when you’re inside of her, tell her to avoid moving too aggressively *or even stop moving completely* so you can regain your control. At times, as hard as you try, you do need some help from your woman to make sex last longer.

5. Control the surrounding at the time of sex

Have sex in a comfortable place where you won’t feel overexcited. Completely avoid anything that’s too exciting like public sex or anything else that turns you on a lot. If you feel most relaxed in your bed, stick to the bedroom until you get better control of your orgasms.

6. Don’t change your pace too often

Changing the pace of the to and fro motion when you’re inside her feels good for both of you. But when you do that, you’d also end up ejaculating faster because the change in pace makes you more horny.

7. In and out

Some couples love taking the little guy out of the lady garage often and putting him back in while having sex. They do this in porn movies all the time too.

For many guys, taking the tool out often and reinserting it while having sex helps them stay hard for a lot longer. But at the same time, it’ll make some guys orgasm a lot faster. Find out what works for you and use it to your benefit

8. Shallow moves

Once you’ve penetrated your girl, don’t go ramming her like you’re a porn star on heat. Go shallow and easy. Move just a few inches in and out of her unless you’re feeling very confident, because longer and deeper moves of the shaft will excite your little guy a lot faster.

9. Wear a condom during Intercourse

It numbs most guys down there. Don’t opt for the ultra thin condoms. Instead, opt for ones that’ll help prevent you from ejaculating faster by numbing you down there.

10. Don’t obsess about your orgasm

One of the biggest reasons why so many guys suffer from this on a regular basis is because they spend so much time obsessing over this little problem of theirs.

These things happen to everyone all the time. And you’ll definitely get over it sometime soon. So until then, ignore the thought of premature ejaculation before or during sex by keeping your mind occupied elsewhere

11. Control your Breathing

Breathing plays a big part in controlling your ejaculation. If you’re on the verge of ejaculation and want to hold it back, focus on your breathing and try to release your breath slowly through your mouth in a controlled manner when you’re inside her.

This is hard to explain in a sentence without going into details, but trust me, just breathe out through your mouth slowly and you’ll see how it works

12. Use Night King Sex Time Delay Liquid 

                              (Last Longer Sex Medicine in India)

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The Night King Delay Liquid is ideal for men who can’t sustain erection. Although it is also being used by some older adults most users are younger individuals. The product should not be perplexed with prescription medication it is used for erectile dysfunction. With continuing use, it guarantees orgasm and you can try to make your partner happier. It isn’t a pill and it is economical, unlike other products.

Penis Hardness and Penis Erection Problem

Penis Hardness and Penis Erection Problem

Painful Erection Tanau ka ek hi meyar hai agar mian Sex kay waqt apney Penis ko biwi ki Vagina mein dakhil kardey to uss ka tanau bilkul normal hai. Ta’hum ek baat yaad rahey kay insaani Penis kisi sakht cheez ya haddi ka bana hua nahin hai bul kay yeh narm gosht ka bana hua hai jo kay khoon ki naliyon mein zyada khoon janey sey tunn jata hai aur sakht ho jata hai. Tanau ki surat mePenis Hardness and Penis Erection Problemin Penis kay bohut zyada sakht honay ki tawaqqa nahin ki ja sakti. Yeh ek bilkul normal kaifiyat hai.Penis Hardness and Penis Erection Problem

Tanau Kay Waqt Penis Mein Dard (Painful Erection)

Ba’az naujawan Penis mein tanau kay waqt dard mehsoos kartey hain iss ki wajoohaat mein zyada aam wajah maqami chot, ulcer, peeshab ki nali ya prostate gland mein sozish hai. Iss kay elawa Penis ka bohut zyada terha pan Peyroie’s Disease hai. Iss surat mein kisi achey urologist sey raabta karein.

Kamyaab sexy Amal Kay Liye Penis Ka Bohut Sakht Hona Zaroori Hai?

Aksar naujawanon ka khayal hai kay biwi ki Sex tasalli (sexual satisfaction) kay liye Penis ka bohut sakht hona zaroori hai. Allah Ta’ala ney Penis bohut hi narm o nazuk Vagina mein dakhil honay kay liye banaya hai na kay deewar mein soorakh karney kay liye. Ta’hum 17 ta 19 saal ki umer mein fard ka Penis tanau mein bohut sakht (hard) hota hai. Iss umer mein isey jins e mukhalif kay liye istaemal nahin kya jata, chunancha adam istaemaal aur umer kay barhney kay sath sath iss ki sakhti mein qadrey kami aa jati hai jo kay ek bilkul normal amal hai.

Less Erection – Penis Hardness Mein Kami Sex Kamzori Ki Alamat

Aurat ki Sex taskeen kay liye Penis kay sakht akrrao (hardness) ki hargiz zaroorat nahin. Hyte report sey bhi yehi sabit hua kay aurton ki aksaryat bohut sakht Penis aur zordaar jhatkon aur zarbaat (strokes) ko pasand nahin karti. Penis ko kisi qadar sakht hona chahiyie, ta’hum iss ka koi paemana nahin. Iss ka ek hi meyar hai kay Vagina mein daakhil ho jaey. Penis Hardness and Penis Erection Problem

Penis ki Hardness  Mein Pehley Sey Kami (Less Erection) Sex Kamzori Ki Alamat?

Kuch afraad jab unn ki umer 30 saal sey zyada ho jati hai to woh apney Sex jazbaat ki shiddat mein kuch kami aur Penis kay tanau ki taaqat (strength) mein 17/18 saal ki umer ki nisbat qadrey kami mehsoos kartey hain, jo agarcha bohut ma’amooli hoti hai magar yeh afraad pareshan ho jatey hain. Sex jazbaat ki shiddat aur Penis ka tanau aur akrrao (hardness) 15 aur 20 saal ki umer kay doran bohut zyada hota hai. Neem hakeem iss ma’amooli kami ka ba’es mushtzani ya kasrat-e-jama’a (frequent intercourse) ko qarar detey hain. Yeh kaifiyat aur ma’amooli kami pareshani ka sabab nahin honi chahiyie kyun kay umer kay barhney kay sath sath jism kay har uzu ki taqat mein kami aa jati hai. Yeh cheez khel kay maedan mein bohut numaya’n hai. Aksar khelon kay numaya’n khilarri 20/25 saal ki umer kay lug bhug hotey hain. Magar 25 saal kay ba’ad inn ki karkardagi (strength) pehley ki tarah nahin rehti. International khelon mein 30 saal sey zyada umer ka khilarri shazz hi hota hai. Penis Hardness

Erection Problems Solutions

Yani 30 saal ki umer mein fard jismani tor per 20 saal ki umer ki tarah mu’asser (efficient) nahin hota. Agarcha iss ki karkardagi bilkul khatam nahin ho jati. Penis kay sath bhi yehi mu’amla hai. Yani umer kay barhney kay sath doosrey jismani a’aza ki tarah Sex jazbaat ki shiddat aur Penis kay tanau aur sakhti mein qadrey kami aa jati hai. Yeh ek fitri amal hai jis sey pareshan honay ki zaroorat nahin. (Penis ki sakhti mein kami kay bawajood agar fard ki amoomi sehat theek hai to woh martey dum tk Sex kay qabil hota hai, agarcha 60 saal kay ba’ad ba’az logon ko shakhsi (self) ya biwi ki taraf sey ishte’aal (stimulation) ki zaroorat parrti hai). Penis Hardness and Penis Erection Problem

Kya Apni Marzi Sey Penis ko Hard  Kya Ja Sakta Hai?

Ba’az naujawanon ka khayal hai kay jis tarah fard apni marzi sey jab chahey apni ungli ya bazu ko khara krsakta isi tarah woh apni marzi sey jab bhi chahey apney Penis ko akrra sakta hai. Magar jab woh aisa nahin kar pata to pareshan ho jata hai aur apney aap ko Sex tor per kamzor aur na mard khayal karta hai. Yeh baat zehen mein rakhein kay tanau ka ta’alluq fard kay dimagh aur jism kay sath hai aur yeh tanau apni marzi, khwahish aur hukum (order) sey paeda nahin kya ja sakta yani koi fard humesha apni marzi sey tanau paeda nahin karsakta. Isi liye mahireen kehtey hain kay apni marzi sey har cheez hasil ki jasakti hai siwaey tanau kay. Darasal yeh bhook ki tarah ka ek uzwiati (physiological) amal (process) hai jis tarah koi fard apni marzi sey bhook paeda nahin kar sakta isi tarah Penis Hardness and Penis Erection Problem

Penis Erection Problems Solutions

Tanau (erection) bhi apni marzi sey paeda nahin kya ja sakta. jis tarah bhook paeda honay kay liye munasib uzwiati aur maholi (environmental) halaat (circumstances) zaroori hain, isi tarah tanau (erection) paeda karney kay liye bhi munasib uzwiati aur maholi muhij (stimulus) ka hona zaroori hai. Fard sirf uss waqt bhook mehsoos karta hai jab khana khaey kuch waqt guzar gaya ho. Iss kay elawa mahol aur khana kitna hi acha aur lazeez ho yeh awamil bhi bhook per asar andaz hotey hain. Isi tarah Penis (penis) mein tanau (erection) jab hoga jab fard jins (sex) kay hawaley sey sochey ga, parhey ga, dekhey ga, suney ga ya lums mehsoos karey ga waghaera. Yeh cheezein tanau (erection) kay liye muheej hain. Kyun kay kisi bhi fard ko apney tanau (erection) per control nahin. Isliye ba’az auqaat fard ko kisi namunasib jagah maslan class room ya ghar mein maan baap kay samney tanau ho jata hai. Jisey woh shaoori tor per khatam nahin kar sakta aur sharminda hota hai. Yani tanau per fard ko shaoori control nahin. Iss tarah naujawan apney tanau ko check karney kay liye kisi paeshawar aurat kay paas jatey hain, magar wahan kkoshish kay bawajood unn ko tanau nahin hota aur phir unn ko yaqeen aa jata hai kay woh biwi kay qabil nahin. Guzishta dinon merey paas ek naujawan larka elaj kay liye aya. Isey yaqeen tha kay woh na mard hai jab uss ka nafsiyati tajziya kya gaya to ma’aloom hua kay uss ko kaee baar zina ka moqa mila. Uss ney koshish bhi ki magar ehsas-e-gunah aur khauf ki wajah sey usey tanau hi na hua.

Penis Ka Size Badane ki Tips Hindi Me

Penis Ka Size Badane ki Tips Hindi Me

Ling ki Size ki  Jaankari Hindi

Male mein Penis kay hawaley sey bohut sey khadshaat aur ghalat fehmiyan (misconceptions) paee jati hain. Aksar mard apney Ling ki shakal, size, saakht aur motaee kay hawaley sey bohut hassas (concious) hain. Sab sey pehley lambaee ko letey hain. Penis Ka Size Badane ki Tips Hindi Me

Jis tarah saarey Male qadd kay lehaz sey baraber nahin yani unn kay qadd mein farq aur ikhtilaf hai, isi tarah unn kay Penis ka size ek jaisa nahin. Kisi ka Penis bara aur kisi ka chota. Penis ki lambaee ka fard kay qadd kaath kay sath koi ta’alluq nahin. Iss silsiley mein America mein ek survey hua to ma’aloom hua kay sab sey lamba Ling uss fard ka tha jis ka qadd ausat (average) sey kam tha. Mera ek client jiska qadd 6 feet sey zyada tha, kay Ling ka size aam logon sey kam tha.

Misconception About Size Of Penis

Penis Kay Size Ki Ghalat Fehmi

Bohut sey naujawanPenis Size Charton ka khayal hota hai kay unn ka Penis lambaee mein chota hai jis ki wajah sey woh shaadi kay qabil nahin hotey. Aksar naujawanon ko apney Penis (penis) kay hawaley sey sirf ghalat fehmi (misconception) hoti hai kay woh chota hai hala’n kay woh chota nahin hota. Iss ghalat fehmi ki kaee wajoohaat hain.

Fard apney Penis ko ooper sey dekhta hai, jiski wajah sey sara Penis nazar nahi aata aur fard samajhta hai kay uss ka Penis chota hai. Mazeed agar fard ka paet kuch nikla hua ho to woh bilkul hi chota nazar aata hai.

Iss kay elawa naujawan fahash films kay hero kay Penis kay sath apney Penis (penis) ka mawazna kartey hain. Fahash films mein kaam karney kay liye aisey afraad ka intekhab kya jata hai jin ka Penis (penis) lamba ho maslan ek American actor ka Penis 18 inches lamba hai. Iss kay elawa camera trick ki madad sey aam Penis ko lamba kar kay dikhaya jata hai jis ki wajah sey iss actor ka Penis muqablatan bohut lamba nazar aata hai.

Ba’az naujawan apney sukrrey juey bohut chotey Penis sey apney asal Penis kay size ka andaza lagatey hain jab kay ba’az logon ka sukrra hua Penis bohut chota ho jata hai jab kay akarr kar kafi lamba ho jata hai. Lehaza Penis ka asal size akrrahat wala hota hai.

Iss tarah ba’az naujawan apney doston kay barey Penis kay sath apna muqabla kartey hain agarcha inn ka Penis kuch chota hota hai magar unko kuch zyada hi chota mehsoos hota hai Penis Ka Size Badane ki Tips Hindi Me

Women Conception About Men Penis

Iss ghalat fehmi ko iss tarah duur kya jasakta hai.

Tanau (erection) honay per fard aaeyney kay samney khara ho kar side sey apney Penis ko dekhey to uss ki ghalat fehmi duur ho jaey gi.

Akrey huey Penis ki paemana sey aazma’esh kar li jaey to bhi ghalat fehmi duur ho jaey gi. Khushkhabri yeh hai kay aksar afraad ka Penis unn kay apney khayal sey bara hota hai.

Agarcha Penis ki lambaee ka koi meyar nahin ta’hum ek survey kay mutabiq America mein 50% logon ka Penis 5 inch sey kam hota hai aur lambey sey lamb 13 inch ka. Magar wahan 4 inch ka akrra hua Penis normal mil jata hai. India mein 3 inch ka akrra (erected) hua Penis normal samjha jata hai. Qadd kaath ka Penis ki lambaee kay sath koi ta’alluq nahin. Albatta hathon kay size ka Penis kay size kay sath kuch ta’alluq hai. Amooman barey hathon waley afraad kay Penis lambey hotey hain. Mahireen ka khayal hai kay woh Penis jo faraj (vagina) mein dakhil ho jaey normal hai.Penis Ka Size Badane ki Tips Hindi Me

Kya Ladies Lamba Penis Pasand Karti Hain?

Hum Mardon (Male) ka khayal hai kay bara Penis behter hai kyun kay aurtein lamba Penis pasand karti hain, jab kay aurtein Penis kay size kay hawaley sey

Penis Ka Size Badane ki Tips Hindi MeBahut Zayada hi sochti hain. Bohut Si aurtein lambey Penis ko pasand karti hain. Hite ki research kay mutabiq aksar aurtein Bade our Mote Ling (Penis ) ko pasand karti hain. Ek aur research sey ma’aloom hua kay aurton ko Chhote (Small) size ka Penis pasand Nahi Hota.

Relationship Between Sex Satisfaction And Size Of Penis

Bohut lamba Penis kisi bhi aurat ko pasand  hota hai kyun kay bohut lamba Penis bacha dani kay mu’nh per zarb lagata hai jis sey aurat ko Maza Anand Milta hai. Isi liye bohut lambey Penis waley afraad Bahut Khush Rahte hain, kyun kay unn kay lambey Penis ko dekhtey hi Female Sex ke liye han (agree) Keh Deti hai .

Zayada Sex our Aurat Ko Khush Karne Ke Liye Lamba Penis Zaroori

Yeh khayal bhi aam hai kay bharpoor Sex ka Anand, behtar Sex Life aur biwi ko mutma’en karney kay liye lambey Penis (penis) ki zaroorat hai. Haqeeqat yeh hai zyada Sex ka Anand aur biwi ki tasalli ka Penis ki lambaee kay sath apki sex ki Taqat (Stamina)bhi Zarori hai . Aurat ko gosht nahin bul kay ek mohabbat karney waley insaan ki zaroorat hai. Waisey Sex mein Penis ki lambai , Motail our uski sakhti zyada ahem hai aur chota Penis nisbatan zyada sakht hota hai. Yani iss mein zyada tanau (erection) hota hai. Mazeed aurat ki Vagina ka size 3 ta 4 inch hota hai aur Vagina ka sirf baerooni 1/3 hissa yani pehla 1 ta 1.5 inch hissa hi zyada hassas hota hai. Iss ka peechey wala hissa zyada hassas nahin hota. Hassas hissey tak 3 inch ka Penis bohut aasani sey pohonch jata hai. Mahireen ka khayal hai kay agar mard kay Penis ki lambaee 2 inch sey kuch zyada ho to yeh aurat ki Vagina kay hassas hissey tak aasani sey pohonch jata hai jis sey aurat bharpoor Annad Leti hai.